Girls Night In

Christmas in Belfast ...


... is a Nightmare!!



Paying over the odds for a Christmas Dinner that you could cook better yourself 

Can't get a drink because the bar is far too busy

When you do get a drink there's nowhere to sit

You can't hear a word your friends are saying because of the din - and that awful band doesn't help

Then you have to pay over-inflated taxi fares home!


But Belfast UnBound has the solution!

We will come to you!


Belfast UnBound can host a Christmas Party in your own home! 

Invite your friends, supply your own food and drink and your own music and make it a Christmas that works for you!
You supply the venue: We supply the Feather Boas, Evening Gloves, Tassels, Dancer and Instructor.  We also supply a tray of vodka jellies, because it's not a party without wobbly bits!

And we'll take a short video to capture your memories of a really great evening!


(Minimum 10 people)